Syngenta launches Ridmus Alpha to rapidly control mice infestations

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Ridmus Alpha is the new fast acting rodenticide from Syngenta Professional Solutions, specifically designed to rapidly control house mice infestations.

The company said the palatable formulation of highly potent alpha-chlorolose can give almost instant results, from an incredibly low intake of Ridmus Alpha.

Ridmus Alpha targets the nervous system of house mice, to induce drowsiness and coma within minutes of intake, quickly followed by death. Trials have shown higher levels of acceptance by mice, along with working at warmer environmental temperatures that have previously challenged fast-acting mouse control options.

Daniel Lightfoot, business manager for the UK and Ireland at Syngenta Professional Solutions, said: “Customers will be impressed by the knock-down achieved with Ridmus Alpha, which can be far more visible than slower acting rodenticides or trapping. Operators should be prepared to make rapid follow-up visits after treatment.”

Syngenta’s technical manager, Kai Seivert, said that Ridmus Alpha offers valuable resistance busting technology – countering issues where mouse populations are poorly controlled by anti-coagulants.

He said: “Furthermore, it will reduce the use of second-generation rodenticides to limit their environmental exposure and protect against any development of resistance.”

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