Flock Off bird control innovations to feature at PestEx 2024

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US-based business Flock Off says conventional bird control methods, while effective to some extent, have often fallen short in providing long-term and comprehensive solutions.

However, the Flock Off system, which will be shown at PestEx 2024 next March, harnesses the power of science with cutting-edge electromagnetic technology to offer an intelligent, humane, and eco-friendly approach to avian management.

Developed by a team of experts and engineers, this product takes a giant leap forward in providing a long-lasting solution to persistent bird infestations in a range of industries and environments.

How it works

The fundamental principle behind the Flock Off system lies in its ability to disrupt the natural magnetic orientation of birds without causing them harm.

By emitting carefully calibrated electromagnetic signals, this innovative device effectively interferes with the birds’ magnetic perception, disorienting them and discouraging them from inhabiting treated areas.

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