Glue board legislation in Scotland: Amendment withdrawn but licensing scheme still possible 

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The British Pest Control Association said that despite its concerted efforts and advocacy, the proposed amendments to the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill in Scotland, aimed at implementing a licensing system for the controlled use of glue traps, has unfortunately been withdrawn.

Undeterred by this setback, BPCA said it remains steadfast in its support for a viable licensing scheme that balances animal welfare with public health.

The proposed amendments were brought by Edward Mountain, MSP for Highlands and Islands, and supported by BPCA.

Mr Mountain withdrew the amendment, anticipating the potential for improvement in collaboration with Gillian Martin, Minister for Energy.

While expressing openness to a licensing scheme, Ms Martin disagreed with the specifics proposed in the amendment.

However, there is hope for a collaborative effort, as she hinted at the possibility of a similar amendment in Stage 3 of the bill, indicating room for refinement.

In response to the decision, Ian Andrew, BPCA chief executive, expressed disappointment, stating:

“The withdrawal of this sensible amendment is disheartening,” Mr Andrew said. “However, we hope that a revised amendment will be brought to the committee for Stage 3, which takes a balanced approach, considering both public health concerns and animal welfare.

“We have engaged with cross-party members, met with ministers, and consistently held our stance since similar measures were considered in England.

“The potential repercussions, including school and hospital closures due to escalating rodent problems, highlight the urgent need for a reconsideration of these amendments.

“We sincerely hope that a sensible resolution will prevail in the ongoing discussions surrounding pest management legislation in Scotland.”

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