Glue Traps (Offences) Bill passes committee stage without amendment

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A committee of MPs has this week gathered to scrutinise the Glue Traps (Offences) Bill line-by-line.

Although two hours were scheduled for the meeting, it took only 45 minutes for MPs to decide to pass the Bill through its Committee stage without amendment.

The British Pest Control Association said that it contacted all MPs on the Committee, explaining the concerns its members had regarding the wording of the Bill.

BPCA chief executive Ian Andrew was in Westminster while the Committee stage took place.

He said: “Members rightfully had a few concerns about the Bill, so we made sure we engaged with every member of the Committee before their meeting.

“We wanted to clarify who they considered ‘a pest controller’ in the Bill and make sure there were no unintended consequences for insect glue traps/monitors.”

Mr Andrew said BPCA took the opportunity to remind MPs that any licences must be issued rapidly for the protection of public health. However, the licensing scheme won’t be discussed in earnest until the Bill passes and an industry consultation is issued.

He added: “Our points were all discussed during the Committee stage of the Bill this week, somewhat setting our mind at ease.

“It’s essential BPCA continues to engage with Westminster and I’ve been very pleased with all the meetings we had with MPs and government ministers this week.”

The Bill passed the Committee stage without any amendments.

The next stage of the Bill is the Report Stage. The Report stage gives MPs an opportunity, on the floor of the House, to consider further amendments (proposals for change) to a Bill that has been examined in Committee.

Jane Stevenson MP, who has ownership of this Bill, tweeted: “Delighted my Bill made it through Committee Stage. I hope it will return to the House of Commons on February 4.”

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