Advion efficacy proven to stop cockroach activity

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Results of new independent trials have shown Advion Cockroach Gel was the fastest way to stop pest activity in domestic homes and food businesses.

The practical research in premises infested with German cockroaches compared various commercially available gel formulations, with only Advion proving to stop all pest activity.

Richard Moseley, Syngenta’s business development manager, said: “This research has confirmed the challenge German cockroach can prove to achieve high levels of control in practical situations.

“Palatability of products is clearly crucial where alternative food sources are available, along with their efficacy. Advion Cockroach Gel has proven it is both attractive to pests, and extremely effective in targeting complete pest populations.”

Replicated European trials were undertaken by i2L Research on 16 sites, including apartments and bar areas, known to be infested with German cockroach (Blattella germanica). Four products were applied as a crack and crevice treatment, by trained professional pest controllers. The activity of cockroaches was monitored by researchers before and during the trial using multiple sticky traps.

“The monitoring revealed that only Advion gave a complete result – with no cockroach activity on all four sites and situations it was used at the end of eight weeks monitoring,” Mr Moseley said.

“In all other sites and with all other products cockroach activity was still being seen at the end of the eight-week trial monitoring period, albeit at reduced levels than the start.”

The trial included commercially available products of clothianidin; dinotefuran and clothianidin + pyriproxyfen, along with the Syngenta bio-activated indoxacarb in Advion Cockroach Gel.

Results showed that Advion achieved an average 48% reduction in the cockroach population in the first week after application across four sites. On one site – an apartment with cockroaches in the kitchen, toilet and living room, with 65 roaches caught pre-treatment – numbers reduced to 25 after one week and no further activity detected in further monitoring.

Mr Moseley continued: “The heaviest infestation, two adjoining ground-floor apartments with over 130 roaches caught pre-treatment, saw numbers remain high for two weeks, then crash to 25 after three weeks and no further activity detected.

“It’s a good example of how cockroach feeding on Advion will return to their harbourage to die, only for other roaches to consume them and subsequently be killed themselves. The treated roaches are effectively acting as another pest controller, to take the bait directly to where it is required.”

In the trial no cockroaches were detected in any of the four Advion treatment sites at the end of the eight-week monitoring period.

Mr Moseley said: “With all the other products tested cockroach activity – as defined by monitoring traps – remained higher throughout the trial, compared to Advion. There were still some cockroaches caught in the monitoring sticky traps on every site at the end of the eight-week monitoring with the other treatments.”

Mr Moseley concluded that while all the products did offer a level of German cockroach control, only Advion Cockroach Gel quickly delivered the high level of results to stop any further activity being detected.

“The results confirm previous studies and customer feedback on the efficacy of Advion. We now have a scientific study undertaken in a practical situation that puts the numbers and the detailed data to give customers ultimate confidence in Advion Cockroach Gel,” he added.

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