Pelsis Group sets its sights on further growth in 2022, with launch of eight new products

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Pelsis Group has launched eight new products for 2022 as it looks to further strengthen its range of pest-control solutions for the home and garden.

The new products from the company’s Green Protect, Pest-Stop and Insect-O-Cutor brands each target a wide variety of household and garden pest problems.

The new products include Green Protect Slug and Snail Barrier Pellets, Cedarwood Moth Rings and Mosquito Trap; Pest-Stop Battery Mole Repeller, Solar Mole Repeller, Electric Fly Racket and Spider & Insect Vacuum and the Insect-O-Cutor Nomad.

Gemma Hodgson, Pelsis Group’s retail channel manager, said: “As a global leader in pest control, Pelsis Group strives to be at the forefront of innovation and technology, so we are hugely excited to be launching eight new products for 2022.

“Each of these new products offers a reliable and effective pest control solution that meets the ever-changing needs of customers and provides retailers and pest professionals with the right product for a wide range of pest problems.”

A guide to each of the new products:

Slug & Snail Barrier Pellets
A new eco-friendly solution to protect gardens from slug and snail damage. Easy to use, the Green Protect Slug and Snail Barrier Pellets are a coarse, grain-like absorbent mineral that can be simply scattered as a barrier around plants and allotments to keep them healthy.
The pellets are completely biodegradable, so once they have worked their magic, they can be turned into the soil to help them decompose. They are also safe for use around children, pets and garden wildlife
RRP 9.99

Cedarwood Moth Rings
Green Protect Cedarwood Moth Rings are an easy and environmentally safe way to help deter moths and their larvae from eating their way through clothing and other textile items. Unlike traditional moth balls, which are made with chemicals and synthetic fragrances, these moth rings are specially designed to be an eco-friendly and insecticide free solution.
The aromatic Cedarwood rings are 100% naturally scented and can be hung in wardrobes and cupboards, while also being placed in drawers, storage boxes and shoes. Green Protect Cedarwood Moth Rings are completely safe for use around children and pets and come in packaging made from 100% recycled materials.
RRP £4.99

Mosquito Trap
The Green Protect Mosquito Trap protects the home and garden from nuisance mosquitoes and midges, without the use of insecticide. The trap is effective against many species including yellow fever mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquitos and marsh mosquitos
Designed for use in the home or garden the discreet unit has a dual layered glue screen to disrupt the mosquito life cycle providing an eco-friendly method of removing the threat of mosquitos. The trap is reusable, portable and 100% recyclable after use.
RRP £11.99

Battery Mole Repeller
The Pest-Stop Battery Mole Repeller is a highly effective environmentally friendly solution for deterring moles from the garden. The slim device uses no chemicals or traps, only low frequency vibrations.
Covering up to 800m² it is water resistant from both rain and moisture in the soil and safe for use around humans, cats, dogs, fish and birds.
RRP £21.99

Solar Mole Repeller
A single square metre of ground may be home to as many as a dozen moles, so the Pest-Stop Solar Mole Repeller has been designed to reach up to 650 ensuring whatever the size of garden, its covered. The repeller protects lawns by emitting a frequency of varied sonic pulses into the ground in a circular pattern which deters moles from burrowing into the soil.
The discreet design features a solar powered, rechargeable lithium battery which provides up to 25 days of use at full charge.
RRP £18.99

Electric Fly Racket
The Pest-Stop Electric Fly Racket is a lightweight but robust handheld swatter which targets flies, wasps, mosquitos, and other flying insects. The device has a high voltage 3500V grid delivering a quick and effective kill, is conveniently charged by USB and provides around 20 days of use.
RRP £9.99

Spider & Insect Vacuum
Pest-Stop Spider & Insect Vacuum removes spiders and insects without the use of sprays or chemicals. It features a simple catch and release function that does not harm or kill, and an LED light to locate spiders and other insects in dark places.
The vacuum is battery-powered and is user-friendly with its lightweight and portable design, and is specially designed to catch crawling insects including spiders, cockroaches and woodlice.
RRP £8.99

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