Pest controller heralds rodent prevention system

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Gareth Davies, owner of Cardiff-based Pest & Property Solutions, has heralded RatGate, a highly effective rodent prevention device, that fits into drains, with the simple purpose of keeping rats out of properties.

The device is humane, poison-free and environmentally friendly and manufactured in 4in (110mm), 6in (160mm) and 9in (225mm) versions that fit clay, plastic and cast iron drainage pipes.

“It is the best and most humane way to stop rats from entering your property permanently,” Mr Davies said. “The RatGate is also the only product on the market that allows you to open the flap from the top of the manhole, a crucial feature for any rodding or camera investigations that may be needed in the future.

“This innovative device is designed to prevent rats from entering or re-entering homes through the sewer system, whilst still allowing water and waste to run freely through it.”

Mr Davies first met RatGate at PestTech 2023, and he said that after seeing the patented flat lanyard, he thought it was a no-brainer.

“It comes with a proper identification warning label, on the end of the lanyard, that you screw into the top of the chamber,” he said. “So as soon as somebody opens the drain, they can see RatGate installed inspection lanyard; it’s very transparent and just does the job.

“It solves the problem because 90% of rats are coming from the sewers. RatGate sells itself, and it future-proofs that property from any rats coming in.”

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