BirdAlert 2.0 is now available in the UK

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Smart pest control technology continues to push forward and at PPC Live earlier this year attendees got to see the prototype BirdAlert 2.0 live in action.

BirdAlert 2.0 takes audio bird scaring to the next level. Programmed to listen to its surroundings and pick up bird calls in the area with the specialist weatherproof microphone. Taking it one step further, it analyses and identifies the calls of the species present, and then emits the distress call of that specific species. If it continues to pick up calls after its first emission it will move to an alternate call of that species.

The BirdAlert connects wirelessly over a phone network so that professional pest controllers can monitor its rate of activation, species and time of day, while controlling the units settings remotely.

The unit, which previously was a striking yellow, has been changed to black and it is now made by 100% recycled plastics. All product packaging has also been changed to be recycled paper and card.

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