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No, it’s nothing to do with the Scottish referendum but pest controllers, North and South of the border, can now vote for their favourites in the Pest Best New Product of the Year Award.

Nine fantastic new products have been nominated by Pest readers. Take a look at the shortlist and decide which products have helped you most as a pest professional then vote for your favourite two. Yes, you can vote for two products and your second choice will be taken into account in the event of a tie. 

There are two ways to vote. You can:

  1. Email the editor and type My Vote in the subject line. As well as listing your top two products please also make sure you include your full name and the name of the organisation you work for in your email;
  2. Fill in the voting coupon which will appear in Issue 35, the September & October 2014 edition of Pest magazine and post your entry to the editor.

To be counted your vote must be in before midnight on Friday 31 October 2014.

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The three products which receive the greatest number of votes will be announced during PestTech at the National Motorcycle Museum on 5 November and will be featured on the Pestwebsite and in Issue 36 of Pest magazine.

Please note whilst you may vote for up to two products we will only accept one voting email or one online form or one postal voting form from the magazine from each reader. Manufacturers and distributors and their employees cannot vote for their own products.

Alpha deadline express

Magnetic birdfree dish

Trappit BB detector

Deadline Alpha Express
from Rentokil

Bird Free in magnetic dishes from Killgerm

Trappit BB Detector
from Suterra

Mini flex Muskill wheat Xlure MST

Mini Flex flexible hose
from Lance Lab 

Romax Muskil whole wheat bait from Barrettine

Xlure MST
from Russell IPM 

Quartz Muskill pasta

Romax Muskil wax block
from Barrettine

Quartz wasp & hornet killer from Lodi

Romax Muskil pasta bait
from Barrettne

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