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PestEx 2015 was the first UK outing for two new rodenticide baits just launched by Lodi UK, Jade Cluster Grain and Sapphire Grain.

Lodi launch Jade Cluster grain and Sapphire grain at PestEx

Jade Cluster Grain

Jade Cluster Grain is a new unique formulation based on bromadialone that combines the advantages of all the current day baits into one innovative solution. The smoothness of the paste coupled with the crunch of the various cereals, provides rodents with an extremely palatable bait to help pest professionals control infestations quickly. The graph right shows just how irresistible Jade Cluster is when compared to paste and block baits.

It contains a number of different cereals including millet, sesame and crushed wheat shaped into easy to eat bars and is suitable for use in both dry and damp conditions. Jade Cluster is packed in individual sachets with a transparent strip so that you don’t come into contact with the bait.

Sapphire Grain
Sapphire is a specially formulated single feed bait combining both cut wheat which is particularly attractive to mice and whole wheat for rats. Based on brodifacoum Sapphire grain is approved for use ‘in and around’ buildings.

The expression ‘in and around buildings’ is a new term now beginning to be used on rodenticide labels.

In the new CRRU Code of Practice the definition is:
‘In and around buildings’ shall be understood as the building itself, and the area around the building that needs to be treated in order to deal with the infestation of the building. This would cover uses in sewer system or ships but not in waste dumps or open areas such as farmlands, parks or golf courses.

PestEx proved to be a great event for the launch of the two new bait formulations as Lodi’s Roger Simpson explains: “The two new bait formulations were incredibly well received. I would personally like to thank all our customers and visitors for taking the time to meet the Lodi team and myself at the event.”

Lodi Jade Cluster
Jade Cluster is extremely palatable ensuring a quick
bait take

Lodi Jade Cluster graph

Lodi Sapphire
Sapphire is the new single feed formulation that
combines cut and whole wheat for rats and mice

Lodi PestEx stand
The Lodi display at PestEx used strong graphics to
make a great impression

Lodi PestEx teamTeam Lodi showcase the new rodenticide formulation, Jade Cluster Grain

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