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Passing quality test after quality test, BETA rodent bait stations manufactured by the Portuguese company Plastdiversity have been popular with pest professionals for two decades.

BETA – bait stations with a proven track record

On display at PestWorld2019 in San Diego, the current model, BETA-2, is the best yet having undergone some structural improvements. It is made from high quality polypropylene and features two locks. The key is compatible with all Plastdiversity bait stations.

As Ricardo Fonseca commercial manager at Plastdiversity explains: “Only after opening both locks, is it possible to open the station. In addition, the accompanying wall adapter makes it practically impossible to remove the station after it has been fixed to the wall. To move it the user must not only open the locked bait station but then also press the safety tab inside the box.”

 BETA bait station group

The reliable BETA 2 rodent station. Top left showing the wall mounting fitting, bottom right from the front and right the opened box showing the standard internal fittings

Ricardo  Ricardo Fonseca saw plenty of interest in the BETA 2 rodent station at PestWorld in San Diego 

Ricardo continues: “The rodent entry zone is large enough to ensure that, regardless of size, the rodent will have no difficulty entering the box. Plastic ribs near the inlets ensure that very little bait debris is transported outside the box.”

By default, each unit is complete with a bait tray and galvanised wire fixing giving pest professionals the flexibility to use bait in paste, block or cereal formulations.

The fact that these accessories are removable allows Beta 2 to be used with the SuperTrapper mousetrap (and, where permitted, G1 glue screens) thus providing great versatility.

Beta 2 is fitted with small drainage holes to ensure that, even in the wettest environments, the interior remains dry making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.

BETA bait station outdoors
Drainage holes make the box suitable for indoor and outdoor positioning  

A wrap around the contact zone between the lid and the bottom of the bait station, ensures that no accidents happen. This simple security system makes forced opening by hand impossible.

Easy to clean and maintain, Beta 2 is reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly.

Beta 2 can also be fully customised. The box lid can be laser or ink printed, embossed or supplied with a sticker meaning clients can obtain their own version of this model and all at a sensible price.

No surprise therefore that this model has been such a great success for so many years.

Want to know more, contact Plastdiversity.

Plastdiversity group
Among the visitors to the Plastdiversity stand was Phil Ridley from Professional Pest Manager,
the Australian magazine for pest professionals


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