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The newly developed ‘flavoured’ non-toxic Snap Tab and Snap Gel, novel colourful attractants to lure rodents onto various types of traps were on show at PestEx.
Snap Tab and Snap Gel from Russell IPM are synthetic formulations in various ‘flavours/attractants’ such as chocolate, curry, vanilla and cheese initially, with other types of flavours in development. The attractants will be available in two formulations, as a Gel and a plastic Tab, enabling multiple choices of trapping/lures for the pest controller.

The colourful tabs 
The tabs are multi-coloured providing a novel visual identification for auditors and, of course, the customer.

The tabs are designed to fit into commonly used plastic snap traps, such as the Kness Snap-E mousetrap.

By fitting directly into plastic mouse/rat traps, they provide a clean, professional solution for the pest controller.

A choice of gels
The Snap Gel also comes in four colours and in four flavours. They can be applied to all types of traps, both live catch traps and humane traps.

 Russell Tabs with Trevor
Snap Tabs fit perfectly into  mouse traps 

Snap Gels also come in four flavours for use in differing trap types

These products are non-toxic and safe to use around food products. This means they can be used in food processing sites where there are limitations on the types of rodent control procedures that can be employed.

As Trevor Green, national sales & technical manager for Russell IPM explains: “It is generally forecast that in the next few years the usage of traps, particularly in the more sensitive areas, will equal that of rodenticides.”

The Snap Tab and Snap Gel products will be available shortly, exclusively in the UK via distributor 1Env Solutions.

The Snap Tap and Snap Gel range

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