Pelsis launches remote rodent monitoring system TrapMe

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Pelsis has launched a remote rodent monitoring system, which will be sold through the group’s Edialux Professional Products division.

The TrapMe system combines a trap with built-in remote monitoring functionality and is, said by the company, to be the first of its kind in Europe to use a snap trap design alongside GSM cellular technology.

Developed in Denmark, the TrapMe system allows real-time access to catch data through a secure user portal. The digital system alerts its users to catch information with status updates including both catch and miss-catch information. Each trap also sends regular vitals such as signal strength, temperature and battery life.

The TrapMe system has seen strong sales in Denmark and, the company said, is especially well suited for the UK food processing sector.

Andrew Milner, group chief executive at Pelsis, said: “We’re very excited to bring the TrapMe product to the market. As the industry evolves, digital pest control solutions will be a key focus area for our product development teams. TrapMe is a great product, it’s easy to use, very well-built, and is both smart and effective.”

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