Syngenta launches SecureChoice remote monitoring

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Syngenta has introduced SecureChoice, its remote detection system, for smart rodent monitoring in the UK.

Remote digital monitoring systems allow pest control businesses to monitor multiple customers and sites from any location and at any time, improving response times and reducing the need for physical inspections of conventional monitoring devices.

Syngenta’s PPM digital lead, Gary Nicholas, said: “The exciting technology enables far more efficient use of the pest professionals’ valuable time, to engage with more customers and provide a higher level of service, including more opportunity for in-depth inspection to find the root cause of infestations, faster resolution of issues and future prevention.”

Where rodent control action is required, the digital monitoring dashboard directs professional operators straight to the point of pest entry, for more time efficient and cost-effective remedial action, with the minimal interference.

Syngenta’s SecureChoice is a cutting-edge plug-and-play solution that enables cost-effective rodent monitoring, 24 hours a day.

It can be installed into buildings during construction and refurbishment work, or retro fitted in and around  any existing business or home – particularly inaccessible areas that are often difficult to monitor, but favoured by rodents.

The system can also be installed by professional pest businesses as part of a contract to protect a site.

Read more about the launch of SecureChoice in the December 2023/January 2024 issue of Pest, which is published on Wednesday, December 13.

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