Why call them routines?

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The regular visits pest technicians make to their contract clients are commonly called ‘routines’, however, Grahame Turner, owner of PestAcuity, has suggested switching the terminology to proactive pest management (PPM) visits.

Mr Turner said: “‘Routine’ presents a mundane image of turning up to see if there is a take on a block or pest insect caught and then reacting to the infestation; whereas proactivity reflects the more dynamic reality of actively checking for potential problems and preventing infestations.

“The meaning of a PPM visit is well understood by industry generally as it is also the abbreviation for planned preventative maintenance, for example, servicing equipment regularly to avoid it breaking down.”

Mr Turner said that he has been using the term PPM for several years himself and he finds that most clients understand and appreciate what it signifies without even needing to ask.

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