BASIS PROMPT announces that PROMPT Verified is now live

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BASIS PROMPT has announced that PROMPT Verified, its professional search tool, is now live and can be accessed via the organisation’s website.

PROMPT Verified is an online search tool which allows anyone to verify that a pest controller they are looking to hire is an up-to-date and active PROMPT Register member.

Stephen Jacob, chief executive of BASIS Registration, said both companies and the general public can therefore be assured that any pest controller who appears on PROMPT Verified is not just legally qualified, but is also continuously updating their expertise through CPD, which will ensure they will carry out the job required in the most efficient, sustainable and environmentally sensitive way possible.

Mr Jacob said: “For our PROMPT Register members to appear on PROMPT Verified, then they must be active PROMPT Register members. This means that they have been awarded an appropriate professional qualification, they have kept up to date with annual CPD requirement of the PROMPT Register and have paid their annual membership fee.

“If all of these criteria have been met, then PROMPT Register members simply need to complete the PROMPT Verified consent form which can be accessed through the members area on the BASIS PROMPT website.”

Mr Jacob added that PROMPT Verified is a fantastic way for members to demonstrate to potential customers that they are operating to the highest standards within the pest control industry.

“Not only would we like all our members to sign up to PROMPT Verified,” Mr Jacob said, “but we would also encourage you to use this search tool with current and prospective customers so we can demonstrate the fantastic work our PROMPT Register members do by controlling pests in a safe and sustainable way.”

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