A career in pest control. What brought you into pest control?

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Pest control is a very varied industry but hardly one that is likely to spring to the front of mind of many career guidance advisers. Yet it offers a whole range of opportunities and ways of working to suit most individuals. So what made you take pest control up as a profession? We would like to hear.
In a survey undertaken by Clive Boase of the Pest Management Consultancy he asked just over 100 candidates attending the RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Control one-week training course during 2013-2014 a series of questions. One of these was: Reasons for selecting pest control as a career.

Unsurprisingly the reasons why pest control was chosen were varied – as the chart below shows.

Reasons For Career In Pest Control Graph

Before examining the responses it is worth mentioning that the average age of those attending the RSPH course was 38 years and only 20% had more than one year’s experience of pest control. So, for a substantial majority this was a change of careeer.

The most frequent response (34%) was a personal interest in pests, wildlife and shooting. Although not revealed in the survey, it is likely many of those who fall into this category have a lifelong interest in pests and probably started out accompanying friends or relations on rural pest forays, maybe keeping their own ferrets, or learning to shoot pigeons. From this, their repertoire of pests controlled expands.

Other reasons mentioned included the financial returns, the variety of activities, the fact there will always be a need for pest control or simply it was an activity recommended by someone else. But, very interestingly, virtually a fifth of those asked were attending these RSPH course as they had had a change in career.

What was your previous career?
By receiving this news item you must already be a fully signed-up member of the pest control community. But what were you doing before joining? Were you in the armed or uniformed services, a taxi driver, a chef, a professional sportsman or what?

We would be delighted to hear. Do tell us what you were doing before entering the magical world of pest control. There are bound to be some really interesting previous careers which readers would find fascinating. Also let us know your reasons for joining this industry.

Please just send the editor an email saying what you did before and why you selected pest control. Even more revealing would be your opinion on whether it was a wise decision?

Replies please before 17 June 2016.

Assuming enough readers reply and are happy to share this information, Pest will pull together an article reviewing the results.

Don’t worry if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will check with you before publishing any identifiable details.

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