RSPH calls for feedback on pest management qualifications

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RSPH is keen to hear if those in the industry have thoughts or feedback they would like to voice about the various pest management qualifications. Now is the time to express your opinion.

As an Awarding Organisation that is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL), The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) pest management qualifications are subject to periodic review. This means RSPH has to consult with centres and anyone that has a legitimate interest in their qualifications. The aim is to ensure that the qualifications are still fit for purpose and relevant. Modifications could then be progressed if necessary. 

This review applies to the following RSPH pest management qualifications:

  • L2   Award in pest management
  • L2   Certificate in pest management
  • L2   Diploma in pest management
  • L3   Diploma in pest management.

Although 30 June 2015 is the official review date, which may seem a long way-away, time soon passes. If the review indicates that one or more of these qualifications is no longer appropriate RSPH will have to spend time developing a revised qualification and submitting it to Ofqual for approval.

With this in mind, RSPH is seeking the views of those in the industry to find out if any changes to the qualifications need to be made. Minor changes to the content of the qualifications can be made without having to submit the new version to Ofqual, but if it is decided that the learning outcomes or assessment criteria are no longer suitable, then a resubmission, which does take time, will be required.

As Dr Richard Burton, head of qualifications development for RSPH, explains: “Is there anything that you would like to see added to the qualifications? For example SGARS have been much in the news recently, do our qualifications cover this area sufficiently or do we need to put in additional material? There is a danger of making a qualification too large if we simply add material, so are there any topics that can be removed because they are no longer relevant to the pest controller?”

Please submit any views you may have to Richard Burton at [email protected], marking your e-mails ‘review of pest qualifications’.  


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Dr Richard Burton is keen
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