Rodenticide stewardship timelines unravelled

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Regulatory specialists from the companies involved in the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU UK) have worked with their counterparts in rodenticide regulation, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), to clarify the complex timelines in the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.

A useful graphic has been produced summarising the various deadlines – download your copy of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship timelines here

Stewardship timelines

The timelines are complicated because, during the transition phase, there will be products on the market which are in all other respects the same but have different labels. Old stocks will have pre-stewardship labels and, from March 2016, new stocks will begin to appear with the new stewardship labels.

The situation is made more complicated because some manufacturers may not wish to submit applications to HSE for the continued professional outdoor use of their products under rodenticide stewardship. So effectively there will be three categories of rodenticide products on the market at the same time:

  • Products with new stewardship labels. From 31 March 2016 stewardship authorisations for professional outdoor use will be granted by HSE. This means that new stocks of rodenticide products with the new stewardship labels will begin to appear. Users who want to buy any of these products will need a CRRU approved certificate of competence – find out which certificates are approved, or download our table of approved qualifications here.
  • Products that manufacturers have not submitted for professional outdoor use stewardship authorisation. For these any remaining stock can continue to be sold until 1 December 2015. Users have six months to use up these products so they must be used before 1 June 2016. These products can be bought and used without proof of professional competence.
  • Products that manufacturers have submitted for professional outdoor use stewardship authorisation. Stocks with pre-stewardship labels can continue to be sold until 30 September 2016. The products must be used by 31 March 2017. These products can also be bought and used without proof of professional competence.

Pest professionals should act now
If the use of professional rodenticides outdoors is an important part of your work then it makes a lot of sense to ensure you have the correct CRRU approved certificate now. You can then just go ahead and purchase and use any product you wish and you won’t need to waste time hunting down old stocks to stay legal.

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