House mouse resistance guidelines published by RRAG

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These guidelines provide a summary of the current information available on anticoagulant resistance in house mice in the UK.

The house mouse (Mus domesticus) is regarded by many as something of a ‘Cinderella pest’ when compared with the volume of information available on Norway rat (Rattus novegicus).

However, resistance to anticoagulants is now so widespread it is often said that it is harder to find a susceptible mouse than a resistant one.

This publication produced by the Rodenticide Resistance Action Group (RRAG) aims to not only review the available data, but also to promote the effective use of anticoagulants, and alternative methods, against this ubiquitous and very troublesome pest.

The guidelines will shortly be available to download from the RRAG website, but in the meantime they are available on the Pest website – click here.

These guidelines follow a similar format to those published by RRAG in June 2010 covering Norway rats. Click here to view these.

No longer a Cinderella pest!

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