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Eleventh hour reprieve for fumigators
Eleventh hour reprieve for fumigators
Fumigators holding the current BPCA fumigation qualification might not know it but they have just had a narrow escape, thanks to the work of the Register of Accredited Metallic Phosphide Suppliers (RAMPS) team.
Happy Birthday Rentokil
On the afternoon of Monday 9 November, just a few short months before the Queen ce...
News from PestFix – a productive PestTech
PestFix had its most productive PestTech to date recording over ...
News from Pelsis - product showcase
Packed in at PestTech 2015
Lots to learn at PestTech 2015
Pest professionals quiz stewardship leaders
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As the weather begins to turn in the UK, we ask pest professionals, wherever they work, to take the time to qu...
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We bring you all the best bits from PestTech 2015 - exhibition, workshops, outdoor demonstrations, awards and ...

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