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Bird gel products latest casualties of BPR?
Bird gel products latest casualties of BPR?
More products are to be lost to the Biocides Regulation (BPR) requirements despite there being no known adverse impacts from their use – another case of the regulatory system gone mad?
News from Rat Pak – Join their expanding team
Having only started the product distribution side to their b...
News from Lodi - Phobi One Shot launched
A small can that treats a large 375 cubic metre space, quickly an...
Third time lucky – Bayer strikes a deal to buy Monsanto
Win a handheld Agrilaser
Bees – and also wasps – hit the headlines this summer
Voting time in 2016 Best Product Award
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It's bed bug special time and this year we have 14 pages of bed bug news including a feature on new research f...
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As we swing into autumn, this issue of Pest+ highlights the problems BPR is causing ...

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