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Global Pest Management Coalition formed
Global Pest Management Coalition formed
Following the second Global Summit of Pest Management Services for Public Health and Food Safety held in New York, USA between 3-4 April a group of 21 pest management associations from around the world met. Out of this was born the Global Pest Management Coalition (GPMC).
Henry Mott elected chairman of CEPA
At their General Assembly meeting held in Brussels on 14 June, Henry M...
Plans for policing rodenticide sales announced
Countdown to ICUP at Birmingham
Will NPTA make PROMPT membership compulsory?
Pest controllers are rated well by householders
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We're celebrating our 50th. Yes, we have reached the magical 50 - half way to a century of Pest magazines! It ...
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We highlight the first World Pest Awareness day on 6 June, reveal that pest controllers score well with househ...

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