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Sparkling interim results announced by Rentokil Initial
Sparkling interim results announced by Rentokil Initial
31 July 2019 saw the announcement of Rentokil Initial’s 2019 interim results for the first half of the year. In short, they were as ever, excellent. Revenue, profit and cash were all in excess of their medium-term targets.
Permanent baiting indoor guidance improved
The guidance on permanent baiting issued by the Campaign for Re...
News from Competitive Pest Services - job opportunity
An Australian company, Competitive Pest Services, is...
News from Syngenta – handy new App
Could you make a presentation at ICUP 2020?
CEPA keeping in touch?
Opinions from the sharp end
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Issue 63 has something of a bird management theme including an analysis of the revocation and subsequent chang...
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We have news of Terminix returning to the UK, important and very sensible changes to the guidance on permanent...

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