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Call for pest professionals to take part in UK survey
Call for pest professionals to take part in UK survey
Pest professionals working at the sharp-end in the UK are being asked to take part in the 2018 National UK Pest Management Survey. Registered Pest readers have been emailed this morning with a link to the survey but if that email hasn't arrived, or you are not on our database, then you can still take part. Read on...
NPTA takes to the road... or was it sleigh
On what must have been the coldest and snowiest day this year, ...
AMES and Kestrel sold to US-based Rollins Inc
Announced on the US-based Rollins Inc website today (28 Febr...
Which product will win in 2018?
PestTech 2018 heads south to Milton Keynes
Pest-Protect in Bremen got the thumbs up!
News from the Bleu Line - B.L. Group – spraying with drones
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We report from the German flagship event, Pest-Protect, held in Bremen in January and preview the UK's PPC Liv...
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In our first issue of 2018 we report from the German international event, PestProtect, reveal the top 15 most ...

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