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High noon for the outdoor use of Ficam D
High noon for the outdoor use of Ficam D
25 July 2019 is the deadline date for the use of any stocks of Ficam D sporting the old labels. This therefore means the end of the road for outdoor uses of Ficam D.
Bird General Licences saga set to run....
Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Things may appea...
Update - Defra and Natural England grilled on 21 May about bird licences
News from Bábolna Bio - registration sensation
News from ICB Pharma - exciting technology
Parasitec heads east to Budapest
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Issue 63 has something of a bird management theme including an analysis of the revocation and subsequent chang...
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There's news of the next stage in the bird licences fiasco in England, reports from a successful Parsitec in B...

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