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Parasitec in Paris – a great way to complete the exhibition year
Parasitec in Paris – a great way to complete the exhibition year
Running for three full days, Parasitec held from 14-16 November at the Paris Event Centre broke its own previous attendance record. Virtually without exception, visitors and exhibitors alike declared it a great success and it proved an ideal way to conclude this year’s round of exhibitions.
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It was all go on the joint Bleu Line - BL Group and Spray Team stand du...
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The Bábolna Bio stand was full to capacity during the three days of Parasitec in Par...
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PestTech talks well attended
Congratulations! Pest Best Product Award winners...
The exhibition at PestWorld – what was spotted?
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In our last issue of 2018 and our first of 2019, there's news of further rodenticide resistance hotspots in th...
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The busy autumn exhibition season is over! Three events (PestWorld, PestTech and Parasitec) in the space of fo...

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