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Industry set for World Pest Day 2020
Industry set for World Pest Day 2020
World Pest Day, a multinational event created to raise the status of the pest management industry worldwide, take place tomorrow (Saturday, June 6).
Lab closure halts rodenticide resistance testing
Testing for rodenticide resistance in rats and mice has b...
Man fined £400 for leaving rubbish bags next to recycling bin
Leaving bags of recycling next to a collecti...
BPCA to host wasps, hornets and bees webinar
CIEH calls on government to stand firm on two-metre social distancing
Residential rodent enquiries surge 45% over lockdown period, says Rentokil
CPD assignment on behavioural resistance launched by the BPCA
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Welcome to the issue 68 of Pest magazine. In this issue, we look at the industry's superb response to the COVI...
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As the UK remains in lockdown, industry stakeholders are looking at providing pest controllers with as much in...

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BPCA – COVID-19 guidance
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