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Asian hornet invasion – a matter of time?
Asian hornet invasion – a matter of time?
This week (9 to 15 September) has been Asian Hornet Week and the ‘Twittersphere’ has been full of bite-sized bits of information on the threat this invasive insect poses; BPCA being one of the many contributors. Other social media platforms have also carried dire warnings.
Acheta Consulting sold to Kiwa Ltd
On 3 September, the sale was announced of the independent pest control ...
Rentokil given the green light on the Mitie acquisition
In a post on its website dated 22 August the Compe...
Sparkling interim results announced by Rentokil Initial
Permanent baiting indoor guidance improved
News from Competitive Pest Services - job opportunity
News from Syngenta – handy new App
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It's bed bug special time with ten pages of news and editorial to bring you up-to-date. Bed bugs may not be a ...
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We have news of Terminix returning to the UK, important and very sensible changes to the guidance on permanent...

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