Another successful Benelux Pest 2012

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The fourth annual Benelux Pest exhibition has been held on 26 September at the Edda Huzid Golf resort in Voorthuizen. This former horse training facility lies conveniently in the middle of the Netherlands so attracted a good turnout from both visitors and exhibitors.

In total, almost 250 visitors and exhibitors were present – an increase on the numbers from a year ago. There were 28 exhibitors, amongst them Pest Control News – the organiser of this exhibition. The most impressive stands were from Edialux and KillgermRIWA Benelux.

All the key Dutch organisations involved in pest control were present, including the NVPB, Musca, KAD and CPMV. Of course the main manufacturers covering the Belgium and the Dutch markets were present; like BASF, Bayer, DuPont, Biochem and Frowein Duitsland. From the UK P+L Systems including Network, Russell IPM, Rat Pak Engineering, Suterra and Woodstream attended. Coming from further away were Zapi from Italy, Unichem from Slovenia and Silvandersson from Sweden.

Several companies displayed their new products based on approved ingredients. It was obvious that most organisations are focussing on preventative measures in order to reduce the level of biocides used.

The exhibitors and visitors could attend product information meetings, but the most important presentations of the day were by Bert Spierings (KillgermRIWA Benelux) on behalf of Eric Kop (Bayer regulatory manager for the Netherlands) and Mrs Esther de Lange, a member of the EU Parliament and also a member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health & Food Safety.

Bert Spierings talked about the importance of the sustainable use of rodenticides as biocides in the EU. In order to support his talk a 20-page brochure translated into Dutch was handed to all participants. The brochure has been put together by the European Biocidal Product Forum supported by CEFIC – click here to download the brochure in English.

Mrs de Lange talked about how the EU Commission advised on the approval of biocides. She detailed some similarities, and also some differences, in the EU Biocidal Products Regulations and the EU Regulations on the placing of plant protection products on the market. She explained that the Committee approves the active substances by “reality” and not by “emotion”. This means that a careful inventory of all the risks is considered before approving an active substance. However an EU approval does not mean the biocide can directly be used in all 27 EU countries, because local regulatory authorities can still make their own additional approvals for products. But countries should not do the whole approval procedure again. Also Mrs de Lange mentioned that the approval most be based on the use in practical circumstances and not on ‘academic paper work’.

Besides the lectures at 11:30 a spectacular bird of prey show was presented by Bird@work and at 15:00 training on the maintenance of spraying equipment was given by Killgerm’s Paul Hoyes.


Delegate registration desk
Nick van der Eycken and Rieneke Tintel looked after registration

Mrs de Lange
MEP, Mrs Esther de Lange

Benelux Pest 2012 atrracted more
visitors than last year”s event

After closing time and before dinner the participants could join the crossbow shooting and the happy hour. Before dinner Joeke Nijboer, editor of the Benelux Pest Control News, thanked all the sponsors and especially Rinus van Zanten as the main organiser of the exhibition.

The dinner was a ‘walking dinner’ which was appreciated by most participants. During the evening the Gipsy Queen brought in some music and a caricaturist made sketches of participants which was really amusing.

After dinner there was time for some drinks in the hotel bar. The organisers are looking back on a successful event and looking forward to Benelux Pest 2013!

Our thanks to Joeke Nijboer, editor of Benelux Pest Control News for sending in this report.

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