The PestWorld exhibition – variations on themes!

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The exhibition – or trade show to use its American title – is always the centre-piece of a PestWorld event. This year was no exception with more organisations represented in the exhibition hall than ever before.

More companies there might have been but, unlike previous years, there was no single new product or service on display to catch everyone’s attention. Having said that, there were numerous useful additions to ranges and modifications to existing products.

PestWorld exhibiton

European companies on the world stage
From a European perspective it is always encouraging to spy so many European exhibitors present on this global stage – such as PestWest, PelGar and Brandenburg.

Exhibiting for the very first time was Babolna Bio from Hungary. Well-known for its rodenticides in Europe, the company has now secured EPA registration for S-methoprene. This active substance is now available for sale in the US as a technical material and a concentrate as well as in aerosol, sprays and bait formulations.

P+L Systems with its range of electronic fly killers is not new to the show. The Network range of products has been added to the portfolio in the past few years but, new this year, was the inclusion of the SX Environmental brand – following the acquisition of that company in February this year.

New on the P+L Systems stand was the launch of BaitSafe, a brand new rodent control product – due to be launched in the UK at PestTech next month. Originating in Australia, the product provides a way of applying bait into ceiling and wall voids by means of a ‘collar’ which neatly screws into the surface. Rodent bait can then be applied on the rods included.

Again no newcomer to the international stage Silvandersson from Sweden has made a useful, practical and, mo st importantly, a cost saving development to its Cyronite machine.

Dispensing carbon dioxide ‘snow’ at minus 108° is no mean technical achievement. However, the company has developed the ‘business end” of the system further – the delivery lance is now, not only lighter (so easier to carry), but also shorter (so easier to use). The techical delivery system has also been refined. The result is a machine that is around 20% less expensive.

A regular at these events is Plastdiversity from Portugal. A recent addition to its range of rodent and insect traps and, on display for the first time, was Neptuno. This is a multi-purpose rodent bait station. It can contain not only loose bait, but also rodent blocks, glue boards and a drinking trough.

Bed bugs complete the picture
No trade show would be complete without an amazing array of products which the current bed bug pandemic is fostering. To be fair, the amount of attention that this pest attracts seems to be declining. Having said that, no other single pest sustains such an arsenal of control products.

Verifi from FMC made its debut last year but, following some production problems, this product is only recently getting into full sales drive. The technology employed is second to none. It mimics a living breathing host using CO2 along with two additional attractants – a kairomone and a pheromone. But as it is sold at nearly $30 (over £18), it is a pricey bit of kit.

With natural solutions in mind, a new product called Cirkil, from Terramera, caused quite a bit of interest. This is just starting to be rolled-out across the USA. The product’s promotional material says it is the only EPA registered botanically-derived bed bug killer and it claims the product can save time and increase revenue by two to six fold.

Really? This product is based on neem – a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of the evergreen neem tree ( Azadirachta indica ) which is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and is well-kmown for its insecticical activity.


Babolna stand
Hungarian company, Babolna Bio has secured USA registration for its methoprene-based products

SX & Network together in P+L
All together on the P+L Systems stand are the Network and
SX Evironmental brands

Cryonite lances
Smaller, yet perfectly formed, the new Cryonite lance, above top, from Silvandersson helps keep costs down

Portugal’s Plastdiversity displayed
its recently added Neptuno
rodent bait station

Cirkil, from Terramera, caused
quite some interest as the only,
the company claimed,
EPA registered botanically-derived
bed bug killer

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