Disinfestando proves a big success with the Italians

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With increased attendance since the last time this event was held two years ago, Disinfestando 2015 proved to be a great success. Billed as Pest Italy 2015, it lived up to its title, as the vast majority of visitors came from the Italian home market.

Held at the Palacongressi di Rimini over the two days of11 & 12 March, the event was organised by the Italian pest control association, Associazione Nazionale della Imprese di Disinfestestazione (ANID).

In total over 1,613 visitors attended, with a whopping 1,175 on day one. This compares with an attendance figure slightly over 1,300 when held at the same venue in 2013.

With bright spring sunshine throughout, the mood in general was equally cheery. Although there does seem to be concern, particularly amongst the numerous Italian biocide manufacturers, that life over the next ten years is going to get increasingly difficult. This being due to both increasing regulatory requirements and a desire amongst the general public for more ‘natural’ pest control methods – as illustrated by the Bleu Line launch – see below.

Italians out in force
With only a smattering of international visitors, by far the majority of exhibitors were Italian-based. Exceptions were Babolna Bio and IrtoTrio from Hungary. Representing the UK were PestWest and Pelsis – not to mention Ian Smith of Bird Free on the Colkim stand, who tackled his presentation in Italian.

Speaking to Sergio Urizio, chief executive of ANID, he said: “I feel each country should have an event specific to their home market, then ever two years the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA) could organise a European-wide conference which would move around Europe. Issues which are common to us all, such as anticoagulant rodenticides, could be discussed.”

This was a view echoed by ANID president, Francesco Saccone, who pointed out this was a similar model to that of the USA – each individual State holds its own event and then everyone comes together for PestWorld.

Emphasis differs
Whilst in theory across Europe we all suffer from similar pest problems, it is always interesting to see how the emphasis on problem pests varies. What was striking at Disinfestando was the prevalence of products and large application machines designed to combat mosquitoes and the minimal appearance of products for bed bugs. Some things remain the same – an increasing number of companies promoting computer-aided reporting and management systems.

Keen to make use of the captive audience was BASF who held a series of presentations to introduce the company’s new cockroach and ant spray (Mythic spry) and cockroach gel (Mythic gel). Both are based on the same active – chlorfenapyr – and offer cost effective insect treatments.

A unique feature claimed is that the insecticide is not detected by the insect, so unlike some other actives, they will not be repelled by it. Although already launched in several other European markets, the active is not registered in the UK.

Essential oils the key
As already mentioned, the role of natural products is rising. Running alongside the main event on the first morning, Italian manufacturer, Bleu Line, held an international meeting introducing a range of new 100% natural pest control products. The new range comes from another Italian company, Union BIO, with whom Bleu Line signed an exclusive distribution agreement in July 2014. This gives Bleu Line the rights to distribute Union BIO products in the pest control sector globally.

All the products are based on essential oils from the Union BIO factory in Bolivia and make use of an exclusive synergist extracted from the olive tree. The range of products produced is vast with preparations for pets, livestock and the public health sector. The latter includes products to deter/repel flies, mosquitoes, rats, mice, moles and ants.

Importantly and unlike many natural pest control products, the Union BIO range is based on detailed scientific research by the company and by independent universities. These results prove the effectiveness of the products. In turn, Bleu Line has also been trialling them with pest control servicing businesses with excellent results as part of an integrated approach to pest management. Watch out for our review of the products in a future issue of Pest magazine.

More to come…
A further report from Disinfestando, along with the products which caught our eye, will feature in the next edition of Pest magazine.

Opening ceremony
Officially opening Disinfestando. L to r: Francesco Colamartino (president of Sinergitech) Daniela Pedrazzi (chairman of the manufacturer’s committee) with ANID president, Francesco Saccone

Always one to do things differently
– the INDIA stand was surrounded by netting

Fred Hurstle accompanied by Fabio Genicco

Diego Di Frisco, centre, finds himself in good
company with Pelsis colleagues from the UK

Bird Free
Ian Smith finds new friends for Bird Free in Italy.
Its thumbs-up!

Mythic gel and 10Sc were introduced
by BASF’s Marco Buratto

At the Blue Line presentation. Left to right: Luana Ghiandai, Paola Zintu and Ersilia Ferrini, Union BIO,
Stefano Scarponi and Giovanni Bazzocchi Bleu Line Group and Valentina Palanca, Union BIO

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