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These two leading companies are delighted to announce the launch of two new revolutionary bedbug monitors at PestEx 2009. They have combined forces to bring to the market an effective, safe, economic and discreet solution for bedbug monitoring. The combination of the ‘active’ and ‘passive’ monitoring systems will revolutionise the way in which the global bedbug issue can be controlled.

BB Alert Passive developed by Bed Bugs Ltd

BB Alert Passive, developed by Bed Bugs Ltd, is designed to be used as part of a routine monitoring programme which checks signs for bedbug activity. Having had a blood meal the bedbug returns to the harbourage often defecating prior to entering.

The passive trap is used to identify evidence of bedbug presence. The BB Alert Passive behavioural monitor has no active components and does not require daily maintenance and can be used for up to 12 months.


  BB alert passive 

BB Alert Active developed by Brandenburg UK Ltd


BB Alert Active, developed by MidMos Solutions Ltd (a division of Brandenburg UK Ltd), is designed to be used as part of a monthly monitoring programme and/or when activity is established. This revolutionary monitoring device captures all stages from instars to adult. It can be used easily and discreetly and the unique scientific design of theBB Alert Active monitor attracts bedbugs to the devise as they search for their ‘warm-blooded’ meal, allowing positive identification.

The activator in the devise is disposable, while the BB Alert Active can be used up to three times if no activity has been identified. Using this system will enable hotels to know when it is safe to put a guest back into a previously infested room.


BB Alert active

For the ultimate effectiveness in bedbug monitoring, the BB Alert Passive trap is used in conjunction with the innovative BB Alert Active monitor. 

To find out more about the revolutionary BB Alert Active and BB Alert Passive monitors and how they can help your business, please visit us at the bedbug showroom and the Brandenburg stand number 51-55, at PestEx 2009.

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