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Exosect’s innovative Exosex SPTab won the best new product award presented by the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT)
This award forms part of the annual SOFHT awards and was presented during their Annual Lunch at the Millennium Mayfair hotel in London on 20 November 2008.

“We are so pleased to have won this award after years of hard work,” explained Exosect’s professional products manager, Georgina Donovan. “The use of pheromone technology as a control is very innovative within this sector.”

Launched in the UK earlier this year, Exosex SPTab is a small tablet consisting of Exosect’s Entostat powder formulated with minute quantities of the female sex pheromone common to five of the major moth pests of food processing and storage.

The Exosex SPTab tablet works by attracting male moths to the Entostat powder and female pheromone. As the male moths pick up Entostat powder, their pheromone receptors become overloaded with pheromone and they are unable to locate females. A male carrying Entostat powder will form a mobile pheromone dispenser, producing ‘false’ pheromone trails, which attract additional males.

Georgina DonovanGeorgina Donovan of Exosect accepts the award

Contact between the males ensures that the Entostat powder and the confusion effect is automatically passed on, this process is called Auto-Confusion. The result is a state of sexual confusion amongst the male moth population leading to effective mating disruption.

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