European Pest Management Day organised by CEPA

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Pest management professionals from across Europe gathered in Brussels on 27 and 28 November for the second annual European Pest Management Day organised by CEPA.

Opening the event, Rob Fryatt, CEPA Director General, set the tone for the two days by declaring that the over-arching goal for CEPA was to be open and receptive to delegates and their ideas, to represent the industry as a whole, to seek-out best practice and to enable its integration into the European market. Mr Fryatt concluded by saying: “Only then does CEPA earn the right to lead the European pest control industry.”

This was an apt introduction as, in the UK at least, there has been much disquiet over the last few months concerning the adoption of the Roma Protocol, a document ratified by the CEPA General Assembly in April 2008. It was no surprise therefore that the subject of the endorsement by national associations of this initiative, came up for debate.


As far as the UK goes, the Roma Protocol was endorsed by BPCA at its Annual General meeting in April 2008. Whilst few would disagree with its overriding sentiment, which is a desire to raise standards, problems have arisen because of the perceived lack of discussion, communication and involvement of other organisations working on behalf of the UK industry.

In fact, the Protocol formed the basis of a debate at PestTech. This went some way towards clearing the air. One tangible result was the invitation, which was accepted, for NPTA to attend the European Pest Management Day. Let’s hope these two bodies can succeed in working together for the mutual benefit of the whole industry.

The meeting heard how the next step is to work with the European Standards Institute (CEN) to establish a European standard for pest management operations. Robert Stuyt, CEPA President said: “CEN is excited and keen to work with CEPA to establish such a standard. Pest management will be the first industry in the services sector to develop such a standard.”

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An pportunity for the UK industry to come together – BPCA and NPTA with CEPA

Brussels-based Andreea Gulacsi, the Programme Director for CEN, explained that once work commences on a European Standard it is the industry itself that decides what it covers and how it is to be used. She said: “Those who drive a Standard have more authority and influence on what it contains. If the industry does not decide for itself, Brussels does!” However this is no quick process. The whole procedure can take between three and four years and involves several technical committees and working groups.

The second day was spent examining the role of pest management in the international food industry. All aspects were explored – from technical pest management issues, through to working with international auditors, consultants and, finally, retailers.

One common theme ran throughout all the presentations. Whilst food processors have a responsibility to produce safe and consistent food, if they are to achieve a high level of Integrated Pest Management then the food industry needs to strike-up strong working partnerships with their pest management professionals.

A more detailed report of both European Pest Management Day and also PestTech will appear in Pest magazine to be published in January 2009.

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