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Electronic gizmos attached to, or built into, rodent traps that send a message to your SmartPhone, computer or tablet to alert you to a trap going off have been a feature at exhibitions for the past few years, as have management software systems tailored to pest control servicing company needs. At PestWorld 2017 however it was very evident that the race to use technology in all aspects of pest management has stepped up several gears.

Remote monitoring systems
Speaking to a packed audience at PestWorld rodent expert Dr Bobby Corrigan, who has been working with ActiveSense system developed by Dow, had a clear take home message.

“If you’ve not dipped your toe into the Electronic Remote Monitoring Digital Systems (ERMDS) water you need to do so now,” he exclaimed.

He described ERMDS as the ‘canaries in the coalmine’ and, whilst the technology isn’t perfect, and will not replace technicians, he was confident it will save technicians’ time. He said: “It’s a no brainer. We will be doing this, so do your homework, choose a system and get some understanding of how this technology can be used in your business.”

ERMDS are not new. Indeed our first report on how this technology could be used goes back to Pest 22: July & August 2012 although it has really only been over the past couple of years that the technology has become more widespread and easier to use.

Bobby CorriganDr Bobby Corrigan

There are a number of devices already on the market and several in development. The noticeable change at PestWorld however, was that the ‘big boys’ have woken up to this technology.

As well as the Dow ActiveSense system there is the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System and this one has been developed with MicroSoft to be part of the Internet of Things.

When, or indeed if, these two systems will appear in Europe is uncertain. There are some technological differences to overcome, so it is not simply a matter of shipping the devices to Europe. Dow is not active in the European pest management sector, but Bayer has a strong European presence so it is only a matter of time before a European system makes an appearance. It seems reasonable to speculate that insect monitoring will also feature in the Bayer development programme.

Virtual reality
Another application of new technology was spotted on the Dow stand, a 3D virtual reality training initiative. At present there is just one training module available – a warehouse scenario where trainees can be put through their paces searching for any evidence of rodent activity and placing traps, or bait stations, appropriately to deal with the problem. More modules, including one on how to use the ActiveSense system, are being developed. If this takes off will all those specially developed training rooms scenarios be redundant?

Management tools
Just as a final note, more than 10% of the exhibitors present were offering business tools and software systems – far more than at previous PestWorld events.

ServeSense  ServSensor is the latest addition to the ServSuite range from Service Pro now available in the USA Brandenburg monitoring
 system, seen last year in Seattle, is now out for evaluation with customers
Kness digital monitoring
Trap manufacturer, Kness, is developing KritterSense for both cage traps and rodent snap traps
The TrapSensor, from Danish company Alert House, is available in Europe and USA
Most software exhibitors were USA-based, but PestScan from The Netherlands also flew the flag for Europe
Dow virtual reality
Will Dow’s virtual reality training replace actual training room scenarios?


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