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The team from UK-based Hockley International took the opportunity at PestWorld 2017 to hold a private conference for their long-standing customers from countries such as Uruguay, Honduras, Barbados, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Hockley expand operations in Central and South America

The conference, held on the night before the that start of PestWorld 2017, afforded Hockley an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and assess feedback on new products. In the tropical and sub-tropical climates of Central and South America, products which can control mosquito populations and prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases are in high demand.

Fast knock-down from Py-Pro Super
Therefore it was no surprise that Py-Pro Super, Hockley’s new ready-to-use pyrethrin insecticide, was met with keen interest from attendees.

A solvent-based ready-to-use formulation, Hockley Py-Pro Super offers fast knockdown of many vector-spreading pests including mosquitoes and flies.

The lack of odour, non-residual action, and suitability for use in food processing areas made this product an attractive prospect for Central and South American customers.

Ideal opportunity to discuss plans
Speaking at the conference, managing director Tommy Gill, said: “This was the ideal opportunity for us to gather our distributors from Central and South America to discuss products and plans for future launches. This region is very important to Hockley, and we have been proudly working with customers here for many years.

“Our environmental health products have been well received and played an important role in controlling vector-borne diseases such as Zika, malaria, and yellow fever. We believe that the partnership with the Italian company, Bleu Line Group, as successfully launched in the UK in April 2017, will further enhance our offering.”

Pypro Super Converted

Hockley Distributors Pestworld Web Final
Hockley International with their Central and South American distributors gathered on the eve of PestWorld 2017.
Tommy Gill (managing director) extreme left and Frank Howard (chairman) extreme right 

Family business located in the UK
Hockley International is a family business located in the suburbs of Manchester, England. Founded over 25 years ago by chairman Frank Howard, the company has predominantly focused on exporting chemical products for use in crop protection, environmental health, and animal housing. An international business with a reputation for delivering the highest quality products, Hockley International trades in dozens of countries around the world including many in Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

Whilst historically export has been central to Hockley International, the UK market has nevertheless been instrumental in the success and stability of the company throughout the years. Hockley’s dealings in the UK market began in the mid-1990s, when it began supplying SX Environmental with brands such as Alphamost, Permost, and Mostyn – the signature range which later became the foundation of the company’s export business. Today the Hockley range is sold in the UK through various distributors including Edialux, 1Env, PestFix and Barrettine.

In the last few years, Hockley has entered a number of strategic partnerships that have enabled the company to offer a complete range of products to customers in the UK and abroad. Hockley recently formed a partnership with the Italian company, Bleu Line Group, which allowed them to introduce a new range of products to the UK market.

To find out more about Hockley International and their product range, visit the website at or contact a member of the team at [email protected]

Hockley Dists WebHockley’s partner in Panama with Tommy Gill (managing director) and Karin Allen (export sales executive)

Hockley Distrs ReceptionTommy Gill and Karin Allen with Hockley’s Ecauadorian partners and, right, Benjamin Gomez (Econtrol)

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