Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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Look up this phrase — Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — and by way of explanation it says ‘To imitate someone is to pay the person a genuine compliment — often an unintended compliment.’

It is questionable if those manufacturers at Disinfestando 2017 and held in Riminin on 8 & 9 March felt flatered, or not, when they saw their products imitated. Patent protection prevents absolute direct copies, but in pest control it is relatively easy to simply add ‘an extra whistle or bell’ to get around this.

So who might have felt flattered?
Two products making waves over the last few months have been the range of Agrilaser products from the Bird Control Group and the non-toxic NARA lures from Futura. So manufacturers, take the compliment on the chin, you are not alone! At Pest we often feel the same way!

Disinfest FluFlu – Non-toxic bait with florescent dye from Colkim


Disin Laser 2A new laser bird scarer from Digital Bird

Digital systems
There are now so many different digital reporting systems it gets harder and harder to know who is mirroring whom. A raft of these types of products were seen at PestWorld last autumn, then Parasitec and now also at Disinfestando.

Disinfest GoodappGoodappy with its PCwebApp

Disinfest IncloudIncloud systems from GEA

Disinfest Other DigiRecord systems

However, it was good to see Maarten Crezee of Dimo Systems on the OSD stand with his Xignal Mousetrap now all finished and rolling out onto the market.

In the most recent edition of Pest magazine issue 49: February and March we reported on the range of protection devices for birds with solar panels, so it was interesting to spot a further variation on this theme on the Eurodif stand.

Disinfest MarteenMaarten Crezee demonstrating Xignal to Charlotte Dubois from Lodi-France


Disinfest SolarSpotted on the Eurodif stand – another means of protecting solar panels from birds

Making new acquaintances…..
Exhibitions are not just paces to introduce products, they also provide the opportunity to get introduced to new contacts.

Disinfest GeaGetting to know the new scientific consultant for the In-Pest division of GEA – Dr Guglielmo Pampiglione (left) with Rosario Poerio from DDTeam


Disinfest UsHelen Riby (left) and Frances McKim of Pest swap notes with Italian publisher, Chiara Merlini, editor of Pest Control Webnews

And renewing older ones
All those of us who work in this professional sector know it’s a friendly market, so events such as this give everyone the chance to catch up with old friends and colleagues. 

Disinfest BellArnaud Del Valle from Bell shows off the new Hidden Kill mousetrap with Federica Negri from Colkim 


Disinfest OsdNo Italian exhibition can be without Daniela Pedrazzi (left) and Enrica Carnevali from OSD Ecotech!

Congratulations ANID
Finally, the award from the Pest office for the friendliest – be it visitors, exhibitors or organisers – of all the events in the pest control exhibition circuit goes to Disinfestando. 

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