New products to be revealed at PestTech

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Trade shows are always a great time to launch new products onto the market. PestTech 2009 is no exception.

Here at Pest we have been advised of some of the new introductions which are to be revealed on 4 November. But spend time visiting the exhibitors” stands to see what else is new.

Available exclusively from Killgerm, is a new cockroach product called Advion. Manufactured by DuPont, this bait offers a combination of speed and control that is unlike any other bait on the market, says DuPont. Not only has Advion been proven to work on all major pest species of cockroach, even gel-bait-averse ones, but its unique environmental and toxicological profile sets it apart from all competitors, ensuring it can be used safely in many sensitive situations, such as schools, food handling establishments and hospitals.

Call in at either the Killgerm or DuPont stands to find out more. 

P&L Systems is introducing two new units – Edge and Allure. These, they say, combine contemporary designs and astounding efficacy results.

Edge is designed around patented glueboard technology to catch 31.5% more flying insects than traditional glueboards says the manufacturer. As the glueboard is inserted into the flykiller it self-folds at the desired points, creating a unique form around high efficacy synergetic UV tubes. This unique design forms edges, proven to be more attractive to flies, maximises useful UV light output, and creates a 30% larger glue area than traditional glueboards.

Allure is proven to have 60% greater UV light output than traditional electric flykillers. Allure comes with an innovative open top design to maximise light output of the synergetic UV tubes, this zapper flykiller releases light from the back, sides and top of the unit, creating 60% more useful UV light output than traditional flykillers utilising the same power UV tubes.

On display, but not yet fully available is a new rodent management control system from ScanWise specifically designed for use in sewers. The system is currently undergoing trials with Bristol City Council and soon also Leeds City Council.

The system consists of two parts. First, the WiseCam which is a sewer surveillance camera used to determine where the rodents are in the pipe system. It can be used both before, during and after any pest control treatments to give users a clear overview of results.

The second part is the WiseTrap which consists of a trap unit and an electronic control unit. The trap is assembled at ground level then placed directly into the sewer pipe with an installation pole.

As revealed in the products news page in issue 5 of Pest magazine, Lodi UK will have in pride of place on their stand their new Phobi Dose product.

This product is a combination of two active ingredients – 10% imiprothrin with 15% cyphenothrin – presented in a liquid form. The imiprothrin component provides quick knock-down whilst the cyphenothrin offers both knock-down plus residual activity.

The product is presented in easy-to-use 25ml soluble sachets, packed 10 to a box. Each sachet dilutes with two and a half litres of water, enough to treat 45 square metres.








Advion exlusive to Killgerm

Insect-O-Cutor EdgeEdge


 Insect-O-Cuotor AllureAllure

WiseCam sewer mounted

 Phobi Dose
Phobi-Dose from Lodi-UK

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