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Exhibitions are often used by companies as an ideal opportunity to launch new developments to their customers. Eurocido proved no exception. But what is also interesting to note, is the range of exhibitors – how far have they travelled to be there? And what of the visitors? Are they just from the home market or from further afield?

Busy Eurocido 2012

20 years, two halls and nearly 100 exhibitors
In celebrating 20 years of holding this biennial event, the organisers can now truly say that Eurocido is international. Whilst the majority of the 90 stands – and also visitors – still came from the German home market, exhibitors from as far away as the USA (AP&G Catchmaster) attended as did those from around Europe, including Silvandersson and Equs (Sweden), Chrysamed (Austria), Alcochem (The Netherlands), Liphatech (France) plus several from Italy (Blue Line, GEA, OR.MA and Tifone). The UK was well represented (Agropharm, AgriSense, Brandenburg, IPC, Network, P+L Systems, PestWest, Russell and SX Environmental). What was also noticeable was the increasing number of East European visitors and exhibitors – Babolna Bio and Irto Trio (Hungary), Sitno (Latvia) Unichem (Slovenia) and SPM from the Czech Republic.

The complete exhibition catalogue can be viewed here.

When looking around the exhibition for new developments it was hardly surprising to find that there were no new active ingredients launched. The Advion (indoxacarb) products from DuPont were probably the newest active on display, as this range is still being introduced, when registrations are forthcoming, across Europe.

The industry is always innovative
No new actives, maybe, but pest control is always an innovative industry, so plenty of novel means of combating the same recurring problems were in evidence.

Two simple but effective examples came from Bell and Babolna Bio. With the Bell product, put simply, a heavy block is accommodated within a purpose-built bait box to create Protecta Evo Express. From Babolna Bio, fresh pasta bait is encased in an extruded wax block to make Protect Sensation. Another simple idea from the same company is a pre-sealed tray incorporating both poisonous bait and also a non-toxic appetising gel which serves as a source of water marketed together as Protect Revolution.

New machinery
On the machinery front, Igeba had on display for the first time in Europe their new U5M ULV aerosol generator. This latest edition to the range is a high quality ULV cold fog generator. Incorporating several very practical design features – such as a plastic tank with level indicator, a quick coupling system for fast tank changing – the compact design and hose adjustability means it is a hard working, yet easily mobile, machine.

On the P+L Systems stand the new Network Avishock system (as reported in Pest issue 19 – see here) was attracting considerable attention. The new extruded track is more robust than its predecessor and incorporates conductive copper strips protected by a layer of smooth, conductive plastic. The durable, UV stable PVC base prolongs track life and new side ‘wings’ improve water displacement, making it ideal for even the most hostile of environments.

A new application (app) to use on your phone from Netherlands-based Alcochem Hygiene was on display. Simply take a photo of your glue board catch, send it to their server where it will be scanned and analysed. From this the results – notably the amount of insects caught on the board – will be established to a level of 95% say Alchocem. This neat app not only saves you time, it allows the data to be stored, is available worldwide and finally, and significantly, is free.

Where have all the bed bugs gone?
Compared to an American event, you could be forgiven for wondering where the bed bug products were. But interestingly, spotted on the AgriSense stand was their new bed bug monitoring trap. Having been in development for some time, the easily assembled cardboard trap contains a refined blend of active ingredients plus sticky glue to retain the pests once caught. Without doubt this will soon be hitting the scene in the UK.

Searching for European partnerships
Finally, it is always encouraging to spy an English company making its presence felt in this continental market place – notably Agropharm from Buckinghamshire. Well known in the UK and having been an active exporter ever since the creation of the company in 1974, Agropharm is now actively seeking European distributors for their range of natural and conventional pest control products. Summing up his, and most likely the sentiments of most other exhibitors, Geoff Foxon, marketing director for Agropharm said: “Eurocido was a very successful event for Agropharm allowing us to display what we do and meet leading German and global pest control companies.”


The new and easily portable U5M ULV aerosol generator from Igeba

Eurocido 12 Avishock track
Visitors admired the new Avishock
track from Network

Use your mobile phone with
Glueboard Online

AgriSense launched its bedbug monitoring trap 

First-timers at Eurocido – Agropharm were looking for European distributors 

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