Out and about in the exhibition at Disinfestando in Italy

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The exhibition hall was thronging throughout the two days at Disinfestando. The exhibitor’s stands were packed to bursting. But what was there to see? What was new? For Italian pest controllers the answer was probably quite a lot as there were several products making their debut onto the Italian market. But for the seasoned international travellers – with some exceptions – it was more of the same.

Walking around the exhibition the products which your editor thought were new – or put another way – your editor had not seen them before were somewhat varied. Pest control products are well-known for their inventiveness, but often the simple things are best.

On the OSD stand a yellow bucket with holes caught the eye – as did a video running which showed what this bucket could achieve – literally a bucket full of dead flies. The bucket has holes, each with a funnel like trap, around the top. Flies are attracted into the bucket after a rather smelly attractant is added – based on yeast, baking soda and preservatives – then they are unable to exit and so die. With no chemical component requiring lengthy registration, this is a quick and easy addition to any manufacturers range.

Still on the flying insect theme, Rimini-based Enthomos was promoting large sachets full of parasitic wasps designed to be used where flies – Musca domestica and Stomoxys calcitrans for example – are a problem. The adult female wasp lays her eggs into immature fly pupae. After hatching, the wasp larva feeds on the developing fly, ultimately killing it. About three weeks later, the adult wasp emerges from a small hole in the fly pupal case to mate and continue the cycle. What is crafty is the mix of wasp species supplied (Spalangia and Muscidifurax) varies as the season progresses.

Also for fly control was Protect Fly Bait from Babolna Bio of Hungary. Based on azamethiphos, and with added fly sex pheromone, this can be scattered or made-up into a brush-on bait formulation. Also new to Italy from Babolna was a combination ant bait for garden ants based on acetamiprid and S-methoprene.

Italian manufacturers GEA had on their stand their new 3 Way Trap. Seen previously in a development stage at Parasitec in the autumn, the final commercial product is now available. It is a triangular pheromone glue trap designed for monitoring Tribolium spps., or other species if the pheromone is changed. Whilst OR.MA had a new highly versatile Masterbox Plus bait box on display.

New to the Italian market
Already launched in some other European countries, but new to Italy, is Formidor ant bait killer (fipronil). Judging by the attendance at their seminar, this seems a popular addition. Click here to see.

Bell was introducing their new Detex soft bait with Lumitrack, and P+L Systems had quite a huddle around their BaitSafe rodent and insect bait station – click here to view. In addition, they had a new Halo IP65 EFK with shatterproof tubes and removal glue board on display.

Syngenta was also present, and for the first time in Italy, with their combined acquired DuPont Advion product range.

Where were the bed bug products?
What were obvious by their absence, were products designed for bed bug control. Attend an exhibition in the USA and you are confronted by bed bug products from every angle. About the only product spotted, and these are also new to Italy, were two products from Canadian manufacturer – BEAP – on the OSD stand. The first is the clever Detector bed bug coaster and the second, the BB Quick Response kit.


 Fly buster
Simple but effective – Flybuster 

Parasitec wasps
Parasitic wasps for fly control

 Rita Di Lucy
The 3 Way trap from GEA

BEAP bed bug products from OSD 

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