Parasitec in pictures

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If you missed the event, have a quick look at our run down of some of the images we captured to gain a flavour. It was certainly a busy but fun international event.

Recollections of Parasitec!

These are some of our pictures that capture the spirit of Parasitec – watch out for our next edition of Pest magazine where we will feature more – mainly with a more UK bias.

1 Para 1

Despite pre-registration, this area was still busy

3 Para 2

All delegates got a handy bag for goodies

5 Para 5

All the seminars proved very popular

6 Para 6

And delegates came from throughout Europe 

8 Para

The exhibition hall was light, airey and colourful

9 Para 4

And was full to capacity with nearly 100 stands

11 Para

Exhibitors, like PelGar, used their stands for discussions

13 Para 7

As did Babolna from Hungary

15 Para 8

Exhibitors from across Europe, Portugese Plastdiversity

17 Para 10

And Eurotrap from Greece

19 Para 9

There were several Italian exhibitors, Martignani

21 Para 9A

And also GEA with InPest

25 Para 12

Whilst Bell met their customers

23 Para 11

From further away came Ital Tiger from Ukraine

Para 20

The Lodi roller coaster 3D reality ride caused quite a stir

Para 21

With some of the Lodi team poised to set-off

Para 22

It was a case of – Help! Where are we going?

Para 23 Edited 1

But not to be outdone, the Pest team also had a go

Para 24

But for associate editor, Helen, it was all too much…

Para 25

.. better to join this delegate and have a quick nap!

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