What caught the visitors’ attention at Eurocido?

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For those in the industry who attend these events all over the world, they do start to appear somewhat similar with the same multi-national companies promoting the same global brands. But look carefully and the differences start to appear.

For example, go to an American, Australian or UK event and you can’t help but be aware of the bedbug problem with the variety of products and devices on display. At Eurocido you could be forgiven for wondering what the problem is, as you had to search hard to spot any mention of bedbugs at all.

What was much more evident was the number of stands promoting organic or green pest control by using the likes of pheromones and the release of beneficial insects such as Trichogramma parasitizing wasps. Or products marketed to appeal to a green audience such as the water-based Chrysamed insecticide based on permethrin.

Also present was VFá¶S, the German association for the promotion of organic pesticides. It seeks to promote environmental pest control using a minimum of pesticides through education and training.

Along the more traditional pest control lines, BASF unveiled a new insecticide product for bedbug control called Mythic. Based on chlorfenapyr it claims to be effective against resistant bedbugs when mixed with Fendona or Demand. New for ants is Fourmidor, based on fipronil, which is likely to give Maxforce Quantum a run for its money. Also new is Storm Pasta. Although launched in the German market, the intention must be to roll-out these products across Europe – registrations permitting.

Spotted on the PPS distributor stand, was what looked like a litter bin. The idea of incorporating a bait box in the bottom of such bins is now well established, but this takes the idea further by including a wasp catching devise at the top. Once attracted, the wasps are caught in a clear plastic box, so easy to check if full, and when it is the box is full it simply removed unopened and replaced with a new one.

On the Bá¡bolna Bio stand there was a neat little plastic container for gel baits. Called a bait canteen, gel is simply injected into the top of the canteen and foraging cockroaches or ants access it via entry holes which can be made wider or narrow, by simply turning the canteen.

An extremely well-known company internationally, but a new name to pest control, is 3M, who had a stand. The main product they were introducing was Pigeon-Stop – a bird deterring system. It consists of interlocking plastic spikes, which offer the benefit of being virtually invisible, yet the strips are attached by glue provided on a peel-back strip. The idea is great, but most of the experienced bird experts were somewhat sceptical as to its efficacy. Time will tell wit this one.

What also caught attention was the stand cooking-up certain insects for consumption by the visitors. Meal worms and locusts may not have been on your lunch menu, but delegates seemed keen to have a try – to such an extent supplies of raw materials began to run low.

The local TV station from WDRTV Studio Dortmund was there filming at the event, and they found the cooked insect display irresistible and even the interviewer gave the ”food” a try. 

Eurocido film crew
The insect cooking display and sampling stand
aroused much attention.

 Eurocido mealworms
Anyone for a lunch of meal worms?


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Eurocido bin 
More than just a rubbish bin

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