New poster encourages respect of legal pest control measures

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The Campaign Against Accidental or Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) has produced a poster designed for professional pest controllers and gamekeepers to put up to discourage members of the public when visiting the countryside from interfering with legal traps.

The poster, which can be downloaded from the CAIP website, asks visitors to the countryside to respect legal pest control while also being vigilant to help stamp out abuse or inadvertent misuse of pesticides. It is designed to have several uses and can be displayed on Larsen traps and other legal forms of pest control as well as being put on view at visitor centres and car parks.

“Too often well-meaning visitors to the countryside can interfere with perfectly legally set and operated traps,” said Mike Swan, of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. “This poster will be particularly useful to display on Larsen traps to highlight that most of the trapping that goes on in the countryside is carried out for good reasons, and within the law.

The poster also encourages members of the public to contact the police if they suspect a trap is illegal rather than touching it. However, if they suspect pesticide poisoning is involved the poster urges them to contact the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS), which monitors pesticide related deaths in the UK.

The poster can be downloaded from the CAIP website by clicking here.


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