Urban fox count launched

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The first urban fox count in nearly 15 years has been launched by The Telegraph in an attempt to find out just how many of the animals are living in the country”s towns and cities.
The number of foxes being drawn to urban living is thought to have increased significantly in the last two decades but no study has been undertaken to assess the population since 1995.

On 2 March 2009 The Daily Telegraph and Telegraph.co.uk launched The Urban Fox Count. With the help of readers, it aims to draw a map of the country showing the number of animals living in built-up areas.

The data will be fed to biologists at the mammal research unit at Bristol University, where they are carrying out the longest running study into foxes in the UK, as part of their ongoing work.

The count will also examine how foxes are becoming bolder, as an increasing number of homeowners are reporting finding animals intruding into their homes as they are no longer deterred by humans.

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As part ofThe Daily Telegraph”s count, the Wildlife Trusts will also be looking at the information to gauge the public”s engagement with the nocturnal creatures and interaction with other animals.

On 2 Quite what the underlying objective is behind this survey remains unclear. Reports posted to date can be viewed on a map of the country, click here. Comments made by individuals recording these sightings can also be seen – only the very occasional one records the damage foxes do and says they are unhappy with their presence.

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