Flamborough hits the headlines

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Christened ‘Ratville UK’ by the Daily Mail, the quiet seaside village of Flambourgh in East Yorkshire has shot to prominence with a rat infestation.

Reports of thousands of rats making-up moving carpets have been making the headlines. TV crews were out in force, as were the national and regional press. Poor Paul Abbott, public protection manager for East Riding Council, spent more than four days conducting interviews.

On 11 March the Daily Mail certainly went to town and dubbed Flamborough
‘Ratville UK’. To read their coverage click here.

There has certainly been a severe rat infestation in the village, centered on
North Marine Road, but a plague of biblical proportions is somewhat over the top.
Rodents have built up overwinter on a stretch of overgrown highway verge, with food and shelter in abundance in an adjacent field.

The East Riding Council pest control team has blitzed the area with rodenticides contained within lockable boxes and is now getting on top of the infestation. 

A TV clip produced by BBC North clearly shows the problem and interviews residents, parish councilors and also Paul Abbott from East Riding Council. Click here to view.



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