Goodbye Connaught Compliance. Hello Santia.

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Readers will be well aware of the financial problems experienced by Connaught. In a bid to put this behind them, Connaught Compliance is to under-go a complete make-over.

Since PestTech there has been considerable chattering in the professional pest control trade regarding the future for troubled Connaught Compliance. Rumours abound, covering not only that managing director, Mark Braithwaite, is to leave but also that the business is to be rebranded as Santia.

Pest approached Connaught, who has now released the following statement. Connaught is not yet in a position to be able to formally confirm if Santia is to be the new name.

The statement says:

“We can confirm that the Connaught Compliance business, including its pest prevention division, is to be rebranded, and, from December, will trade under a new name. We will be making a formal announcement about this within the next few weeks and will be informing our customers, suppliers and others of the new name.

“We can also confirm that Mark Braithwaite, managing director of our pest prevention division, will be leaving the business at some point over the next few months. In the meantime he is working with us to ensure a smooth handover and continued high-quality service to clients. We will be making an announcement in due course about a successor for Mark.”

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