New specialist food organisation launched by CIEH

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The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) formally launched its new membership organisation – The Institute of Food Safety, Integrity & Protection (TiFSiP) on 22 January 2015.

TiFSiP has been created in recognition that food safety, integrity of the food chain and the mechanisms needed to ensure consumer protection can only be achieved through a collaborative venture across the whole industry. All those working in food production, manufacture, processing, preparation, quality control, regulation and sales now have the opportunity of being part of one professional community with the ability to share and receive relevant and current information, influence debates and thinking, horizon scan and enhance professionalism in the sector.

TiFSiP is the vehicle that can achieve that and is focussed on enabling collaboration across the food community in the UK and internationally to include local and central government, industry, academia, professional bodies and trade associations.

CIEH chief executive, Graham Jukes, OBE explained its relevance to pest control saying: “Keeping premises pest free is an intregal part of food safety so professional pest control is certainly to be encompassed within TiFSiP. We already hold a broad section of relevant information produced by the National Pest Advisory Panel (NPAP) and CIEH and this will be made available.”

Pest readers may think that TiFSiP sounds somewhat similar to the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT), but Graham explained that TiFSiP aims to reach-out to all sectors working within the food industry. The new organisation is working alongside SOFHT, who are members of the advisory panel.

TiFSiP membership offers knowledge and good practice, professional membership grades, collaboration, networking and events and will support the growing community of people who work in food throughout the food chain. TiFSiP will be of specific interest to all those specialising in food safety who are not currently CIEH members.

Graham continued saying: “TIFSIP is a food specialist membership organisation for the public good supported and run by the CIEH under its charitable objectives utilising the CIEH strength in depth in food safety training and environmental health regulation.

“Modern food production, manufacture and delivery systems to the consumer are increasingly complex and needs a ‘whole systems’ approach highlighted by the Elliott Review following the horsemeat problems we experienced in 2013.The CIEH and TiFSiP will work with government agencies, regulators, the food industry and other professional bodies to support the coordination of good practice and standards in an ever changing world.

“TiFSiP is the first output of an on-going programme to keep CIEH services relevant to all professionals engaged in health and consumer protection working in changing employment landscapes and responding to increasingly complex challenges in protecting and promoting public health.”

Existing members of the CIEH are now eligible for free membership of this affiliated organisation. A brochure is available to download here, or visit the new website.

A brochure is available here with more information. Or visit the new website.

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