News from Bá¡bolna Bio – a shooting Sensation at PestEx

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Visitors to PestEx were invited to take aim, hit the target and win a great discount on their first purchase of the new Protect Sensation rodenticide from Bábolna Bio. The shooting game was clearly enjoyed by all visitors who found hitting the 10% discount target wasn’t quite as easy as it looked! The 5% discount however proved a little easier to achieve.

Those taking part in the Bá¡bolna Bio shooting challenge could win a 5% discount voucher by scoring at least five points from the six shots allowed. There were targets of varying difficulty worth two, five or, for the crack shots, 10 points. To earn a 10% discount you had to score 10 points or more.

A bit of fun
It was all a bit of fun designed to draw attention to the new Protect Sensation bait block, which had just received authorisation from the UK’s competent authority, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), meaning it could finally be sold in the UK. It had taken several years for this authorisation to come through but the Bá¡bolna Bio team were finally able to celebrate the launch of their novel formulation.

The mutual recognition system has also now been triggered by the company to obtain authorisation in other EU countries but, for the time being, international visitors who hit the target received either a USB flash drive, in place of the 5% discount, or a Bá¡bolna Bio LED torch for the 10% voucher.

Mutual recognition will take approximately three to four months, although each country has the option to ask for more data/information so it can take longer and, of course, there’s a fee to pay.

Protect Senstaion is already patented on three continents; in the USA, the European Union and in Australia.

A unique and innovative formulation
Protect Sensation is a unique, innovative formulation.

It combines the effectiveness of fresh bait with the convenience of a wax block.

The fresh pasta bait is the blue soft centre as pictured below which is coated in a traditional red wax block. The block can be securely fixed into bait stations so preventing rodents from scattering it outside the station; something that can happen with the T-bag type presentation normally used for pasta baits. This reduces the risk of secondary poisoning of non-target wildlife.

Protect SensationThe new Protect Sensation 2 in 1 rodent bait

More attractive
Fresh bait has been shown in many studies to be more attractive encouraging the rodents to eat a lethal dose whilst the hard wax block outer appeals to the rodent’s instinct to gnaw. Both formulations contain bromadialone at 50ppm and are effective against rats and mice.

Nothing quite like it
“There’s nothing else quite like it on the market,” commented James Mendoza from 1env Solutions who have been appointed to distribute the new formulation in the UK.

“We’ve had a lot of interested in it from pest professionals and even taken a number of orders at the show.”

So why choose a shooting game for the product launch?

“That’s an easy question to answer,” said Bá¡bolna Bio’s Judit Honfi: “When the concept for the product was first thought of our graphic designers came up with a revolver design which is now being used on all our product adverts and supporting literature, so the shooting game was a logical choice.”

ShootingA bit of fun on the Bá¡bolna Bio stand at PestEx  

Karina and JuditVisitor, Karina Linalaida from AES in Latvia, left, with Bá¡bolna Bio’s Judit Honfi

Erica and JamesErica Erdei, who looks after the UK for Bá¡bolna Bio, with James Mendoza from UK distributors, 1env

Babolna Bio standThe new Protect sensation was displayed prominently on the Bá¡bolna Bio stand at PestEx

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