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It was no surprise that the Bábolna Bio stand at Parasitec in Budapest, 9-10 May, was among the busiest in the exhibition hall. This is home territory for this successful Hungary-based company and there was plenty to celebrate. In particular it was only at the end of March this year that one of Bábolna Bio’s most innovative rodenticides, Protect Sensation, received authorisation in its home territory.
UK readers may recall that Protect Sensation was approved for the UK market back in 2017, making its first appearance at PestEx that year. Since then the long and expensive registration/authorisation process has continued. Today, the fact that Protect Sensation is now available in 13 European countries is definitely something worth celebrating. But the story hasn’t ended as Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic are ‘in the system’. Protect Sensation is patented in many countries, including the EU, USA and Australia, which clearly illustrates the company’s further plans.

Tamas Jakab Protect sensationPCO sales manager for Hungary, Tamas Jakab, is delighted to have Protect Sensation available for his customers

Tamas, Andrea, Gyorgy BioprenTamas Jakab with colleagues Andrea Varga and Gyá¶rgy Bata. The Biopren S-methoprene insecticides/larvicides are an important part of the business

A unique and innovative formulation
Protect Sensation is a unique, innovative formulation. It combines the effectiveness of fresh bait with the convenience of a wax block.

The fresh pasta bait makes up the blue soft centre of the bait. This is coated in a traditional red wax block meaning it can be fixed securely into bait stations so preventing rodents from scattering bait outside the station; something that can happen with the ‘T-bag’ type presentation normally used for pasta baits. This reduces the risk of secondary poisoning of non-target wildlife.

Extending the insect growth regulator (IGR) range
The Babolna regulatory team has also been working hard to extend the uses of the company’s IGR, S-methoprene-based insecticides/larvicides. Currently seven dossiers are under evaluation.

Four of them being evaluated by the Italian authorities are currently in the final commenting phase of the process. These are for two mosquito larvicide products, a mosquito tablet and a mosquito and flea trigger spray. Two fly larvicides are being evaluated by the Dutch authorities. One is in the commenting stage, the other is about to enter it. There is also a larvicide concentrate dossier in the system. Once authorised, all of these new products will go into the mutual recognition system for the countries they are most suited to, so watch this space.

The S-methoprene-based Pharaoh Ant Bait sold under the Protect or Biopren brand name, depending on the territory, is already available in 19 countries with mutual recognition ongoing in four more.

Distributor role
But it wasn’t just interest in the company’s in-house products that attracted visitors to the Bá¡bolna Bio stand. In addition to their role as leading manufacturers of rodenticides, insecticides and larvicides, in Hungary, the company also distributes a range of professional pest management equipment and other products.

Busy Babolna standThe Bá¡bolna Bio stand was always one of the busiest throughout the Parasitec event
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