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Pest controllers will no doubt be kept busy this winter with mice and rat populations on the increase and colder, wetter weather leading the rodents to search for warm and safe nesting places. And Bayer has a new tool, which is being announced at PestTech, to assist in the fight.

Bayer announces launch of innovative new rodenticide at PestTech

Bayer’s Alan Morris is urging industry professionals to plan integrated control programmes with safe and secure baiting methods bringing in the company’s new rodenticide, Racumin Foam, where it fits best within that integrated approach.

Exciting new approach 
Racumin Foam offers an exciting new control approach. Sold in a unique foam application, it works by using the rodent’s natural grooming habits.

Alan explains: “The foam can be placed in areas where rodents are known to pass, such as access holes, cavity walls and pipeworks.

“It’s transferred to the pest’s coat as it brushes past and is ingested straight into its blood stream during routine grooming, which is advantageous in limiting secondary poisoning.”

Perfect solution
He adds that Racumin Foam offers a perfect solution in circumstances where other food temptations limit bait uptake, or where traditional baiting methods, such as putting the product inside cavity walls, are not possible.

“It also provides an ideal replacement for previous contact activity formulations, which are no longer available,” he adds.

The new rodenticide formulation is a timely development, given the likelihood of future regulatory changes. Racumin Foam provides the sector with a solution to address current pressures on second generation rodenticides, especially in sensitive environments.

“This first generation formulation should be considered as an additional part of a modern IPM approach within the professional pest controller’s armoury,” concludes Alan.

Racumin Foam in use
The unique foam formulation of Racumin Foam offers the perfect solution in food-rich environmentsRacumin Foam pack Racumin Foam works by using the rodent’s
natural grooming habits

 Racumin Foam in use

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