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Maxforce Quantum has arrived. The new gel bait for ant control from Bayer Environmental Science is set to revolutionise the ant control market.

Ant control takes a quantum leap

Maxforce Quantum is now approved for control of the black/garden ants, Pharaoh”s ants, ghost ants and Argentine ants.

Alan Morris, Bayer’s head of professional pest control UK & Ireland, comments: “Maxforce Quantum’s special formulation uses Bayer”s exclusive bait matrix technology coupled with the power of imidacloprid to control a wide range of problem ant species.”

Maxforce Quantum provides rapid control of sweet and protein loving ants. Colony elimination is usually within weeks depending on the species and the size of the nest, for example Pharaoh’s ants in one to two weeks and black/garden ants in two to three.

The product is a thick liquid similar in consistency to honey. It comes in a quick and easy to use 30g cartridge which contains 150 single doses, enough to treat 150 square meters – that”s enough to treat around 15 apartments. It can be applied using standard gel applicators.

Maxforce Quantum’s unique non-drying formulation remains active for up to three months. Ants are attracted to the bait to feed before returning to their nest along with some of the droplet and subsequently eradicating the colony. Small droplets (1cm diameter) should be placed where there are ant trails, in cracks and crevices, by nest entrances, around terraces and patios and so on.

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Pharaoh''s ants feeding
Pharoah”s ants encircle the gel bait


Alan Moris
“Maxforce Quantum offers rapid ant control,” explains Bayer”s Alan Morris

Black ants

Black ants can be erratic feeders

Quantum application
It only takes a tiny drop to be effective

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