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New improved silver-coloured formula of Bird Free is now available. This version is easier to apply, is more discreet, yet still performs just as well and builds on the success of their original bird gel.

Birds see ultraviolet light, so Bird Free appears to them as fire

Since it was introduced two years ago, Bird Free has become recognised throughout the UK and Europe, as an effective, yet unobtrusive, bird control method. Many well-known sites have been treated to protect them for pigeons, such as Covent Garden Market and Paddington Station in London. And at St Andrew’s University in Scotland, Bird Free is keeping the gulls away too.

Quick but effective
Clients like it because it is effective, yet discreet. Installers like it because it is quick and easy to apply. The new silver Bird Free is even more discreet, while application to pitched roofs and gutters is even easier.

Ian Smith of Bird Free Ltd explains: “Since its introduction we have talked to literally hundreds of customers, some of whom have made recommendations about improvements they’d like to see. We have listened to these constructive comments and would like to thank everyone for their suggestions. As a result we are now introducing new silver Bird Free.

Firmer and more discreet 
“Notable improvements include a more discreet silver colour and a firmer texture allowing it to be fitted to the steepest pitched roof. In addition, we have developed new easy to clip-on multi-functional application dishes for use on gutters,” concludes Ian.

Efficacy has also been enhanced, as the formula of the new silver-coloured product offers a greater resistance to torrential rain.

Silver Bird Free neither kills nor traps birds, nor harms them in any way. It is formulated so that birds won’t go near it: birds see ultraviolet light so it appears to them as fire.

Visual deterrence is further reinforced by the selected food ingredients which are abhorrent to a bird’s senses of touch, taste and smell.

The installation method remains the same for silver Bird Free as it was for the original yellow product.

For more information consult the Bird Free website – click here or email Bird Free.

Or review a selection of successful case histories – click here.

Bird Free on ledge
Discreet: silver Bird Free applied to a visible window ledge

Bird Free - no run
Flexible: silver Bird Free will not run when applied to
a steeply pitched roof

Ian Smith
Ian Smith launching Bird Free at PestEx

Bird Free in dish
Transparent dish loaded with silver gel

Bird Free in gutter clip Clip-on gutter clip with Bird Free applied

Bird free logo

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