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It was all go on the joint Bleu Line – BL Group and Spray Team stand during the three days of Parasitec. Customers were keen to review the new environmentally-friendly products on display.
Products with an environmental twist featured on the joint Bleu Line – B L Group  and Spray Team SRL stand and they certainly caused great interest judging by the number of visitors finding out all about them throughout the three days of the exhibition as the video below shows.

            B L Stand

Increasingly popular – drones – now for granule application too
The use of drones is rapidly becoming an established part of professional pest control. The larger and more robust models, such as the Drone MG-1 and the Drone MG-1S – or octocopter – can carry up to 10 litres of liquid. The combination of speed and power means that an area of 4,000m2 to 6,000m2 can be treated in just 10 minutes. Sophisticated features such as intelligent memory, terrain following via high precision microwave radars and advanced flight controllers ensures accurate and precision spraying.

Now added to the range is the new MG Spreading System. This is specifically designed for spreading solid-particle materials, namely granules. It comes with a built-in stirring device and a precisely controlled hopper outlet which therefore offers improved accuracy and delivery with reliability and lack of blockages. See it in action here.

B L StefanoStefano Scarponi with the MG Spreading System

B L MauroThe Scout 300 shown off by Mauro Bergamini 

Battery powered atomizer sprayer
Likewise, the well known manufacturer of atomizer sprayers, Spray Team SRL, has added a new model to their popular Scout range. As Mauro Bergamini explained: “The new Scout 300 offers additional environmental benefits. Rather than being powered by a diesel engine, it is powered by a 48 volt battery. It is designed for truck-mounting, so offers all the same features and user benefits as the diesel powered machine, plus being friendlier to the environment.

All natural…
Also on the stand, with a very strong environmental feel, was the range of natural products Bleu Line sells around the world jointly with Union Bio. These cover a range of target pests including rodents, moles, reptiles, ants, flies, mosquitoes, mites and bed bugs. “None of these products contains any pesticide, only natural active ingredients derived from plants. They are not only totally natural but also highly effective,” detailed Bleu Line’s export sales manager, Stefano Scarponi.

Bl Natural Products

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