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The January launch of the ZerO2 conservation treatment system brings the latest in low-cost, non-pesticide, treatment for insect-infested artefacts and a safe, protected long-term storage solution.

January sees the launch of the latest development in the use of oxygen depletion for the treatment and protection of insect-infested and at-risk artefacts and collections in museums, libraries, stately homes, antique centres and wherever heritage and private collections are stored and displayed.

The ZerO2 system from Colin Smith Conservation is a breakthrough in oxygen removal technology. Specially developed high volume oxygen scavengers and flexible laminated-foil films mean that effective on-site treatment of collections is now viable at prices never before achieved.

Colin Smith, the developer of the ZerO2 system, explains: “I have sought for many years to find effective methods of controlling and eradicating insect pests specifically avoiding the use of traditional pesticides, with regard to environmental protection and health and safety. And the risks to the very artefacts and materials we are trying to conserve are obviously paramount.

“In developing the ZerO2 system, I believe we have achieved this aim by using materials and techniques which can be applied
on-site, to both large and small artefacts and at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment methods.

“In addition to this, we can add personal support in the form of technical advice, training and problem-solving whenever and wherever it is needed.”

ZerO2 is simple to use wherever and whenever needed, portable and re-useable – a totally flexible treatment and storage solution capable of handling one artefact or hundreds in one operation.

Treatment using the ZerO2 system is an ideal addition to the services offered by professional pest controllers and specialists in the heritage and conservation sectors alike.

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Colin Smith
Developer – Colin Smith

Loading the scavenger
Adding high-volume oxygen scavengers
Using ZerO2
Heat sealing a filled Flexicub

 Run of books Close up
Delicate artifacts – such as old leather-bound books – can safely be treated

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