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“A good knapsack sprayer is an essential piece of kit for every pest
controller,” says Bruce Allman of E Allman and Company. “Choosing a
well-made, easy to use model such as our HD-16 is the first step but making sure the equipment is looked after properly and calibrated correctly is just as important,” he suggests.

Allman”s comprehensive sprayer range on display at PestTech

The same goes for knapsack mistblowers such as the powerful Allman L80A and foggers like the unique Swingfog high performance fog generator and, of course, the higher capacity pedestrian barrow systems must also be correctly maintained and set-up to ensure accurate pesticide delivery.

“I’d encourage anyone attending PestTech this year to take advantage of the workshop session on the care and maintenance of pressure sprayers and dusters,” advises Bruce. “And also to try to find time to brush-up on their sprayer calibration technique. Whilst the principles of calibration are straightforward – no-one wants to apply too much or too little insecticide – the temptation is often to assume the sprayer is set up correctly without checking,” he warns.

“Simple maintenance checks before spraying are also essential such as making sure there are no leaks from hoses or the tank lid and that nozzles and filters are clean,” he adds.

Based in Chichester, West Sussex, E Allman & Co is a family-owned business which supplies a wide range of application equipment to the pest control sector, both in the UK and internationally.

The most popular models include:

HD-16 – a 16 litre manual knapsack sprayer incorporating a high efficiency piston pump, heavy duty trigger valve, long life chemical resistant seals and safety valve to prevent overloading. The easy to operate lever also locks for constant spraying and includes an in line filter. The pumping lever can be mounted for left or right hand operation and has been designed to require less pumping effort. The ergonomically designed tank has been contoured for maximum comfort. It is constructed from impact, corrosion and UV resistant, high density polypropylene and has a built in agitator which constantly mixes the chemical solution. The wide filler opening makes filling easy and the one-way breather valve in the tank lid prevents leaking. It comes complete with a reinforced spray lance, 1800mm long high pressure hose, three different nozzles and a flow calibrator bottle – the easiest and fastest way to calibrate a knapsack sprayer.

The Allman L80A – a mistblower developed from years of intensive research and equipped with a five horse power C7 two stroke engine providing ample power to carry out chemical application both comfortably and efficiently.

The high performance large diameter has an air displacement up to 20 cubic metres per minute (66 cubic feet per minute) at speeds up to 280 mph. The machine has a variable flow control from 0-2 litres per minute and an effective reach up to 17 metres (56 feet). By removing two plugs from within the spray tank and installing two outlet pipes the L80A is quickly converted from a mistblower to a powder duster. This high-spec easy to use machine incorporates a well-padded back support and harness for operator comfort. Recoil starter pull and electrical engine cut-out are standard specification.

The Swingfog SN50 series which comprises four light portable fog generators. All the machines have an excellent performance to weight ratio with all main parts made from stainless steel. The 25hp combustion chamber allows the application of both oil-based and water-based chemicals in an equivalent droplet spectrum whilst the thermo-pneumatically produced fog guarantees highest efficiency and excellent penetration. In comparison with conventional methods, Swingfog fogging equipment achieves around a 90% labour saving when treating spaces and large areas.

Swingfog fog generators are petrol driven and work according to the Swingfire principle whereby a petrol-air mixture is ignited in the combustion chamber. This oscillates a column of gas in the resonator pipe. At the end of the resonator fogging solution is injected into the air stream. This emerges at high velocity, is dispersed into the finest aerosol droplets and distributed into a lightly suspending fog. Chemical solution and petrol are conveyed by small overpressures in the tanks. The system has no mechanical moving parts and therefore no wear. Electrical energy is merely consumed at the start and is supplied by commercial torch batteries.

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Allman HD16 
The versatile 16 litre knapsack sprayer 


Allman L80A 
The L80A mistblower has an effective reach of 17 metres

Allman SN50

One of the light portable Swingfog SN50 foggers

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